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Sign Regulations


1)       Do I need a permit to replace or relocate a sign? Yes, a permit can be obtained from the Building Department located at 139East Park Ave.


2)      Are there regulations on the size of signs or the placement of signs? Yes, the City of Edgewater Code Of Ordinances Chapter 21(Land Development Code) Article VI (Sign Regulations).


3)      How can I obtain a copy of the sign regulations? A copy of the sign regulations  (Chapter 21 Article VI) can be obtained on the City of Edgewater web site at or from the City Clerk located at 104 North Riverside Drive (386) 424-2407


4)      What signs are prohibited? Refer to Chapter 21 Article VI Page VI-2 and VI-3 Section 21-60.04c (Prohibited Signs) on the City of Edgewater web site at which outlines signs such as roof signs, billboards, inflatable signs, snipe signs, banners, pennants, wind operated devices, sandwich signs, moving signs, freestanding signs, flashing signs, beacon light signs with moving or alternating or traveling lights which are prohibited, except as limited elsewhere in this Article. Time and temperature signs and lighted moving message boards less than 35 square feet in area shall not be subject to this prohibition.


5)     Is there a size and height limitations to signs? Yes, those standards can also be found in the City Of Chapter 21 Article VI on the City of Edgewater web site at 


6)     Are there requirements on the location of signs? Yes, there are requirements as to the location of signs so that they will not limit the visibility of the motorist especially at intersections.


 7)       Is there a limit to the number of signs a business can have? Yes, with the exception of shopping centers, businesses are only allowed one (1) sign per parcel.


8)     Can the sign be affixed to the building? Yes, providing that it complies with the standards found in the Chapter 21 Article VI.


9)     Are pole signs permitted? Although certain pole signs, based on size and location, are currently permitted, they are not encouraged as staff has been requested by business owners and residents alike to consider the requirement of ground base signs.


10)  Why does the City prefer ground signs? Ground signs have been the preference by many residents and business owners to be more desirable. Ground signs will also withstand higher wind loads proving for a safer community.


11)    Can a business have a sign located at a different location from their business? Although not encouraged, it can only be approved by the City Council.


12)   Are temporary signs allowed? Yes, the Building Official may issue a business a permit for a temporary sign for a maximum of thirty (30) days.


13)   Are Banner signs legal? A permit must be issued by the Building Official for a banner sign for a special event such as grand openings. Banner signs that are permitted can be displayed seven (7) days prior to the event, and shall be removed within two (2) days after the event.


14)   How can I appeal a sign regulation? You can appeal a regulation regarding construction issues to the construction regulation board. All other sign standards are appealed through the City Manager by submitting a written notice or appeal to the City Managers office within fifteen {15} days of the adverse decision being communicated to such person in accordance to the City of Edgewater Code Ordinances Chapter 21 Article I Section 21-06.01 (Appeal Procedure).