Business Tax Receipt Information

Who Needs a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) (formerly called Occupational License)?

Any person, firm or corporation engaging in or managing any profession or occupation based within the City of Edgewater, including home based businesses.

Additionally, all businesses are required to obtain a Certificate of Use  (CU) for each business location.

What Determines the Amount of the Business Tax?

The type of business being conducted determines what your tax will be.  The tax amount is set by City Ordinance and Resolution, taking into account other fees and licenses that may be required for the business. Commercial businesses also require inspections from the Fire and Utility Departments and incur fees associated with these inspections.

Certain individuals, age groups, and organizations are exempt from the Business Tax fee, but are still required to register and maintain a Certificate of Use.

Certificate of Use fees are as follows:
Original certificate of use:
Residential: $31.50
Commercial: $52.50

Certificate of use renewal:
Residential: $20.00
Commercial: $31.50

What is a Certificate of Use?

The City Council has adopted a Certificate of Use program for all businesses located within the City.  This will give the City the ability to conduct Life Safety Inspections and act as a regulatory tool to ensure businesses are in compliance with City codes and ordinances.  Fees that were previously collected as application processing and inspection fees will now be collected as the Certificate of Use fee.  It should be noted that there will be a slight change in fees for the processing of the Certificate of Use for home based businesses.

What Can I Name My Business?

The Department of Corporations and Fictitious Name Registrations explains that a fictitious name is any name other than the individual’s legal name.  For example, if the name of the business is John Doe’s Lawn Service and John Doe is the only owner, he does not have to register for a fictitious name.  Multiple owners, such as John and Shirley Doe, have to register as a fictitious name.  Incorporated businesses do not have to file for a fictitious name registration, unless a name other than the corporate name is used  (i.e. XXX, Inc., doing business as XYZ.)

What Kind of Business Can I Conduct?

Commercial Locations
Several factors will determine whether a business will be permitted at a specific address.  The location must be zoned properly for the type of business operation.  Additionally, there may be other zoning requirements such as parking, landscaping, and screening regulations.  Additionally, all commercial buildings must meet Florida Building and Fire/Life Safety Code requirements.  Please contact Development Services to determine individual requirements for your desired location. 

Home Based Businesses
A Home Business Tax Receipt may be obtained for an office, telephone, or mobile type business.  Home-based businesses may only offer services that are conducted away from the home, over the telephone or Internet, or a “mobile” business.

The City of Edgewater Land Development Code regulates the types of businesses that may operate from the home.  There are also restrictions on signage, storage of business related equipment and/or items, traffic to residences, types of vehicles allowed, as well other requirements for a home based business.  Please contact the Development Services Department to determine if your business qualifies as a home occupation. 

Business Tax Receipts and Certificates of Use are valid only for the particular designated business and only for the address and individual or business entity they were issued to.  Any change of business type, ownership, or address change will require a new application. 

Businesses that have employees or partners that are not family member and/or who reside at an address other than the business address do not qualify as a home based business and must be located in a zoning district that allows the type of business conducted. Under some circumstances, a separate home BTR can be obtained for partnership businesses. 

If someone other than the applicant owns the residence, an affidavit is required from the property owner, granting permission for the business to be conducted from that location.

The Application Process

All businesses are required to complete the Certificate of Use and Business Tax Receipt Application process prior to conducting the business.  If you are considering starting a business in Edgewater, City staff strongly encourages you to contact the Development Services Department to determine zoning and other factors that may be applicable to the application review process.

Commercial Location

Complete the application form in its entirety, leaving no blank spaces.  If a particular line does not apply to your business you may indicate such as N/A.  Include any required support documentation with the application (i.e., Driver’s license, Proof of Fictitious Name Registration or Incorporation), as well as any required State License or County Registration.

If you plan to erect a sign at your business, you must first obtain a Sign Permit from the Building Department. 

If your location will have an alarm system, it must be registered with the City.  Alarm permit applications can be obtained at City Hall.  Registration within 30 days of installation is free of charge.  A fee of $50.00 is required for registration applications submitted more than 30 days after the date of installation.  An installation certificate is required as proof that the alarm is no more than 30 days old.

Once a completed application is submitted, the required inspections will be scheduled and the application will be sent for review to see that the business meets zoning requirements. 

Upon satisfactory completion of inspections and zoning review, the applications will be approved and the applicant will be notified as such and is ready for payment.  At that time the BTR and Certificate of Use fees will be due.  The entire approval process normally takes 2 to 3 weeks.  However, zoning, code and/or building issues may delay processing of the application.

Home Based Business

Complete the application form in its entirety, leaving no blank spaces.  If a particular line does not apply to your business you may indicate such as N/A. 

The application as well as the Property Owners’ affidavit must be notarized.  Notary Service for this purpose can be obtained free of charge in the Planning Department.

Include any required support documentation with the application (i.e., Driver’s license, Proof of Fictitious Name Registration or Incorporation), as well as any required State License or County Registration.

Home-based businesses are typically approved with 48 hours of submission of the completed application.  Businesses that require a fire inspection (such as Child Care and Family Residential Homes) will be approved once the Life Safety Code inspection as been satisfactorily completed. All fees are due once the license has been approved.

Renewal of Licenses

BTR’s and Certificates of Use all expire on September 30 of each year.  While the City does send out courtesy notices several weeks prior to the expiration date, it is the sole responsibility of the Business Owner to ensure that the BTR and Certificate of Use is renewed prior to this date.

For more information regarding new businesses in Edgewater, please call (386) 424-2400 X 1306 or you can download an application on line at




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Building Department - 424-2400 X 1514
Finance Dept - 424-2400 X 1306

Volusia County requires that all businesses that operate within the county obtain a County Business Tax Receipt in addition to the City BTR/CU

Volusia County:
Business Tax  386-423-3322

Public Health - (Office of Environmental Health) 386-424-2061

State of Florida
Dept of Business and Professional Regulation  850-487-1395

Dept of Agriculture  800-HELP-FLA (435-7352)

A-Z Resource Guide Website:

Fictitious Name Registration/Div of Corporations  850-245-6058

Sales Tax and Exemption
Employer ID Number (FEIN #)  800-352-3671

Workers Compensation 800-742-2214