Animal Control

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The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcement of City Ordinances and Florida State Statutes relating to domesticated animals.

The City of Edgewater has one full time Code Enforcement Officer (Animal Control Officer) assigned to domesticated animal services.

The following type incidents may be reported by calling the Volusia County Dispatch Center (386)424-2000 (Option 1). The Dispatch center will dispatch a Code Enforcement Officer or a Law Enforcement Officer if the incident occurs after hours.

  • Barking dog
  • Animal abuse and neglect
  • Animal Bites and attacks
  • Abandoned domesticated animal


The City of Edgewater Code Enforcement Division does not respond to wild life type incidents and do not trap wildlife animals.

  • A wildlife animal creating property damage, threat to public safety or a possible injured wildlife animal contact Florida Fish and Wildlife at (386)758-0525.
  • A wildlife animal suspected of having rabies contact Volusia County Health Department at (386)274-0500.
  • You may also contact a private trapper for wildlife animal issues.

How to contact the Code Enforcement Division related to domesticated animals

  • Dispatch Center (386)424-2000 Option 1
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.