Volunteer Program

Purpose of the City of Edgewater's Volunteer Program
The purpose of the volunteer program is to expand and enhance the delivery of quality services by promoting citizen participation within City government. The City of Edgewater’s program encourages its citizens to contribute their valuable time and talents on a volunteer basis. This program is designed as an avenue for citizens with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to participate in City government.

Quality services will be delivered to the citizens of Edgewater in an effective and efficient manner through the concerted efforts of both City staff and volunteers. The volunteers’ role will be to compliment and supplement City staff.

Goals of the Volunteer Program
  1. To recruit and orientate a pool of volunteers.
  2. To provide a positive experience for volunteers.
  3. To promote community involvement by allowing citizens to help other citizens.
  4. To help citizens develop a working knowledge of City operations.
  5. To provide volunteers with an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with the City and enrich the quality of life in our community.
  6. To utilize their skills to help generate solutions.
  7. To expand and enhance the delivery of quality services to the citizens of Edgewater with no extra cost.
  8. To help control municipal expenditures.
Application: As a potential volunteer, please complete a Volunteer Application Form.

Personal Interview: Upon review of the application, the City Clerk’s office will interview you regarding your skills, qualifications and interests. We will try to match your preferences and skills with the most appropriate volunteer position.

Orientation: You will be introduced to the City of Edgewater’s Volunteer Program
  • Purpose and Goals
  • City of Edgewater organizational chart
Placement: An initial interview will be arranged for you to meet with a staff person in the chosen department. This will give you an opportunity to further discuss volunteer duties and department functions.

Orientation and Introduction to Department: After a placement has been made, you will be introduced to the department and orientated to the following:
  • Introduction to staff and a tour of City Hall and City facilities
  • Function of department, office, program and services
  • Certain positions require a background check, drug testing and finger printing
City Policies and ID Card: Upon placement with a department, you will meet with Personnel for an explanation of City policies, ID Card, background check, drug testing and finger printing (if required).

Duties and Responsibilities: Your Volunteer Supervisor will review various aspects of your volunteer position, such as:
  • Volunteer job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Hours you are available to volunteer
  • Please sign in and out on the Hours Record Log
Training: Your Volunteer Supervisor will explain the assignment, describe the necessary skills and demonstrate any equipment to be used. Handling of equipment should be in compliance with all job safety rules.