Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: What can I do about speeding in my neighborhood?

A: If a traffic problem is reported, officers are directed to monitor the affected area more frequently as time permits. Simply call the non-emergency dispatch center number (386) 424-2000 to file a traffic complaint, or send an email to police@

Q: When and where can I get a copy of a police report?

A: Police reports and certain other public records are available by contacting the Edgewater Police Department Records Division, located at 135 E. Park Ave. Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm - closed on recognized holidays. There is a nominal fee to obtain copies of reports. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. (386 424-2400, option 1, ext 2104)

Q: How can I become a Police Officer?

A: We accept applications on a continual basis from individuals who hold a valid law enforcement certificate from the State of Florida or from officers who hold a valid certificate from another state and are eligible to obtain Florida standards within 12 months. The application may be down-loaded from this website or obtained from City Hall, Personnel Division, at 104 N. Riverside Dr, Edgewater, FL

Q: I received a traffic citation I do not agree with. What can I do about it?

A: Once a citation is written, it is forwarded to the Clerk of Court the next business day. If you disagree with the ticket, you can challenge it in court. Personal options are listed on your copy of the citation. Nobody in the police department, including the Chief of Police, has authority to dismiss, change or withhold prosecution of a ticket. Or access the Clerk's Website:

Q: My home was broken into and it took an officer 15 minutes to respond. Why so long?

A: Calls for service are prioritized according to severity. Incidents that have already occurred and that do not have a suspect on the scene receive a non-emergency response. Our response times are very good, but sometimes officers are not available to handle every call the minute it is received. If your call is an emergency, our officers will make every effort to respond in a timely fashion.

Q. How do I find out what's happening with a case I filed?

A. Some major cases are referred to the Criminal Investigations Division for further investigation. Detectives who area assigned such cases for follow-up will contact parties involved if needed. To find out any further information, you may want to contact the State Attorney's Office:

Q: I saw a strange car in my neighbourhood but am unsure about calling the police when something like this happens.

A: Officers cannot be everywhere at once and we are here to serve the public. If something unusual or strange is observed, please contact our dispatch center: Non-Emergency 386-424-2000 or Emergency 9-1-1.

Q: I need to get my fingerprints taken. What do I need to do?

A: Fingerprint services are available in the Records Division of the Edgewater Police Department, 135 E. Park Ave, during normal business hours (8:00am-4:00pm). If you need fingerprints taken, you need to be in the lobby by 3:30 pm with a fingerprint card provided by the agency requiring you to obtain fingerprints; a valid picture identification containing your signature and your current address (i.e. Drivers License or Passport). The service fee for fingerprint services is $10 (includes 2 cards per person). There is a fee for each additional card required. Call Edgewater Police Department Records: 386-424-2400, option 1, ext. 2104 to ask.

Q. I'm a seasonal resident. What can I do to better protect my vacant home?

A. Edgewater Police Department offers our citizens the service of placing their homes on Vacation House Watch lists. Our volunteers (C.A.P.S – Citizens Assisting Police make frequent neighborhood patrol checks and will physically check your home in your absence. The form can be downloaded from this website or picked up from the lobby of Edgewater Police Department, 135 E. Park Ave during normal business hours. C.A.P.S is a self-supporting volunteer division of the Edgewater Police Department and this is just one of their free services provided, however, donations are always appreciated and welcomed.

Q. How do I go about obtaining a criminal history on someone?

A. A local (City of Edgewater only) records check can be obtained at the Edgewater Police Department lobby during business hours. If more than just a local records check is needed, contact Florida Department of Law Enforcement at their website or by phone.