Citizens Assisting Police

Edgewater Police Department/C.A.Ps – Citizens Assisting Police – is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. The ever-growing group of volunteer men and women services to the residents of Edgewater such as:


Vacation Housewatch Program - Residents simply complete a Vacation Housewatch form providing needed information to assist in keeping your home safe during your absence. C.A.P members then frequently check the security of your home and report any unusual or criminal activity to the police. The Vacation Housewatch Program information sheet may be completed either on-line or in the lobby of Edgewater Police Department, 135 E. Park Ave. Citizens may contact Sgt. David Soltz, C.A.P. at 386.409.4791 for further information.

Nightly Business Checks C.A.P. Volunteers patrol area businesses, big and small, for any signs of criminal activity, unsecure doors, etc. If problems are discovered, police assistance is requested and business owners/contacts are notified. Business owners/Operators are requested to contact the C.A.P. office with emergency contact information related to their business such as: names, addresses and phone numbers of personnel who can respond to the business should law enforcement request it. Business owners/managers are requested to keep this information current and up to date with our agency by faxing it to the Edgewater Police Department at 386-424-2431 c/o the C.A.Ps

Wanders Assist Program – Developed to assist law enforcement in the search and recovery of elderly or endangered residents or visitors who become confused, lost or may have a tendency to "wander" away from home due to some variant of mental incapacity. A photograph of the loved one, as well as pertinent medical and physical identifying information is stored/maintained on our secure agency database. In the event a person in the Wanderers Program is reported missing or lost information can immediately be accessed and broadcast to all Edgewater Police Officers, CAPS and other emergency personnel to assist in their speedy and safe recovery. Anyone interested in signing up a family member/loved one can contact the C.A.P.s at 386.409.4791 for further information and completion of the information packet.

School Zone/Traffic Management – Edgewater Police/C.A.Ps and several volunteer members of the C.A.P.s conduct traffic management assistance, every school day, twice a day. The C.A.P volunteers provide manpower to assist in the easier and safer flow of traffic at both Indian River Elementary and Edgewater Elementary Schools. In addition to school zone traffic assistance, C.A.P members frequently assist emergency personnel at scenes of traffic accidents, lane closures, obstructions, traffic hazards, etc., again providing extra personnel when it's most greatly needed.

Citizens will frequently see the men and women volunteers of the Edgewater Police/C.A.Ps at the several area special events such as 4th of July, Christmas Parade, Edgewater Ranch Concerts, Bike Week/Biketoberfest events, etc. The extra personnel greatly assists in keeping traffic moving and keeping the streets safer for Edgewater Citizens and visitors.

Edgewater Police/C.A.Ps is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations may be made at any time to help with the crime prevention programs and purchase much needed equipment, uniforms and supplies. Donations may be sent to:
Edgewater Police Department/C.A.Ps, P.O. Box 100 Edgewater FL 32132

If you or someone you know would like to become involved in your community by being an Edgewater Police/C.A.P volunteer, please contact Sgt. David Soltz at 386-409-4791 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to download a Citizens Assisting Police Vacation Housewatch Form