Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Plant
500 W. Ocean Ave

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process

The City of Edgewater operates an advanced domestic wastewater treatment plant capable of treating up to 2.75 million gallons of sewage per day. The treatment process consists of influent screening, grit removal, biological nutrient removal using the Bardenpho process, chemical feed facilities, secondary clarification, tertiary filtration, high level disinfection with dechlorination and post aeration for surface water discharge and aerobic digestion of residuals.

The City has two ways to dispose of the treated wastewater. One is dechlorination of the treated water with a pipe taking the water from the wastewater treatment plant to the Indian River. The City is permitted to dispose of up to 0.83 million gallons per day on an annual average daily flow. The other way to dispose of this water is through the reclaimed water treatment system. The permitted annual average for disposal through this method is 3.75 million gallons per day. This water is sent through the reclaimed water transmission/distribution system for public access irrigation of residential lawns and landscaped areas.

Storage for the reclaimed water currently consists of two 2.25 million gallon reclaimed water holding tanks. In addition, a reuse pump station allows the City to pump up to one million gallons per day of surface water from the borrow pit that is adjacent to the plant. This water is introduced to the plant at the filters for filtration and disinfection.

The plant is located at 500 West Ocean Avenue and is operated 24 hours a day by at least one Department of Environmental Protection certified operator. For further information on the treatment process you may contact one of the operators at 424-2488.