Utility Billing

City of Edgewater Utility Billing
Frequently Asked Questions


Utility Billing Operating Hours

Telephone: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Walkins: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


All new residential, rental and commercial accounts must have a deposit to establish service. You must show proof of ownership, lease agreement, driver’s license and social security number to establish an account. Acceptable proof of ownership forms could be a warranty deed or settlement statement. Your deposit will be determined by the ONLINE Utility Exchange website.

Pool Fills

The only time that we issue a credit for the sewer portion on pool fills is on new construction or pools being repaired. We do not issue credit for topping off pools. Please write a letter to the city with your name, address, account number, when the pool was filled and approximately how may gallons it took to fill. You can also download the Adjustment Form and submit it to the Utility Department for credit. Credit will be issued with two (2) bill cycles.

Repair a Leak

If you should have a leak in or outside of your house or business and would like a credit, you need to write a letter to the City with your name, address, account number, and explain where the leak was, whether it went down the sewer or not, date of repair and copies of any receipts that you may have and submit it to the Utility Department. Or download the Adjustment Form, filled out, and return to the Utility Department. Once reviewed, if credit is due, adjustments will be issued within two (2) bill cycles.


The city is split into two (2) bill cycles. Section 1 billing goes out on the 14th  and Section 2 goes out on the 28th . Bills are sent out once a month. Bills are mailed to the address given by the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility if tenants reside in a residence to make sure that the final rent reads are called in to the Utilities. There is a $30.00 service fee for us to go out, read the meter and figure a final bill for the owner/tenant. The fee will be added to the account. Warning notice that service will be terminated is printed on the bottom of the bill. Notations are put on accounts if we receive the bill back from the Post Office. If we have no notations you will need to contact the Post Office for a reason why you did not receive it.

All accounts not paid by 2 pm on the 21st day from the original bill date, will receive a 5% penalty. All accounts not paid by 2 pm on the 31st day from the original bill date, will receive a $30.00 delinquent charge. Accounts not paid after 30 days from the original bill date will be subject to disconnect without further notice as stated on the bottom of the utility bill. All past dues and fees will than need to be paid before service will be restored.

We do not give extensions on accounts. If you need assistance on paying your bill, you can call Human Service of Volusia County at 423.3309.

Exuberate Consumption

If you receive a bill that has out of the ordinary water consumption, you can request for a reread of the meter. If no problem is found, the owner is responsible for the bill. We can also check the meter for accuracy by doing a tank test on the meter, there is a $50.00 charge for this service. If the meter is found to be faulty, we will credit back the $50.00 charge and adjust the month’s water bill and sewer charges.

Reclaimed Water

New reclaimed water connections are handled at City Hall in the customer service department. All reclaimed water questions or concerns should be directed to the Environmental Services Department at 424-2476.

Trash Pick-up

All refuse, yard debris and recycling questions should be directed to the Environmental Services Department at 424-2476.

Water Restrictions and Water Rates

Water Rates
Water Restrictions


Address Changes

We only except address changes in writing. This can be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail.

Mail:    City of Edgewater, PO Box 1190, Edgewater FL  32132
Fax:    386-424-2409
E-mail:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Service Orders

Service orders received by 2 pm will receive same day service. Service orders received after 2 pm will be processed on the next business day. The only exception is for service terminated for non-payment.

Payments made by Phone

You can make payments 24/7 by using our automated system. Just call 427-EASY and follow the instructions. You will need you account number and a credit or debit card to use this service. If you would like to pay your bill over the telephone and do not have your account number, there will be a $5.00 convenience fee for this service.