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This is the powerpoint presentation that was made on March 23, 2010.

Powerpoint Presentation

About Environmental Services

Environmental Services is dedicated to maintaining the quality environment throughout the City of Edgewater through all the divisions and the 79 people it employs.


Alan R. Thomas Water Treatment Plant Processing drinking water to the highest quality possible and certify compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act and regulations from the State of Florida Department of Health so residents can feel confident when turning on their taps is the responsibility of the Water Treatment Plant Operators.
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Treating wastewater to ensure compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency is the duty of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This plant is also in charge of ensuring the safest reclaimed water is delivered to the residents for irrigation purposes.
Wastewater Collections This section maintains all of the sewage pump-lift stations throughout the city. In addition, these five employees are responsible for the main sewer lines and manholes to ensure a smooth transfer of sewage from your home or business lines to the wastewater treatment plant.
Field Operations Numerous residential calls are received for checking leaks, turning water on and off, requesting readings when new owners move in, etc. This division handles all of these calls. In addition, installation of new water connections, reclaimed water connections and performing all locates and repairs for water, reclaimed water and sewer lines are handled by Field Operations.
Public Works These employees maintain the City’s roads including patching potholes, grading the shell streets, and managing the resurfacing of streets. We also trim trees on City right-of-ways and mow city right-of-ways.
Refuse The City of Edgewater operates garbage service in house. Household garbage pickup is performed twice a week. Bagged or contained yard waste is picked up once a week. We also pick up household appliances and other such metals once a week. Loose-laying yard waste is picked up approximately twice a month. This division also handles the management of the recycling contractor.
Stormwater This division is responsible for the control and maintenance of the city’s stormwater system of canals, swales, ditches, catch basins and culvert structures including the piping of such. Additionally, we are mandated to manage the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System for Municipal Storm Sewers or the NPDES Program for short.
Fleet Maintenance The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance and repair of all City Vehicles and equipment. In addition, they maintain the fuel system and records associated to assure compliance with state and federal regulations. Fleet Maintenance also maintains all emergency generators in the City to ensure the provisions of services continue for the health and safety of the citizens. Currently, there are two full-time and one part-time employee in this division.

Note: Utility Billing is handled through the Finance Department at (386) 424-2400.

Water Restrictions

For Potable and Well Water Only

Restrictions apply to private wells and pumps, ground or surface water and water from public and private utilities

Time of year Homes with odd
Numbered or no address
Homes with even
numbered addresses
Daylight Savings Time Wednesday/Saturday Thursday/Sunday Tuesday/Friday
Eastern Standard Time Saturday Sunday Tuesday

For Reclaimed Water Irrigation Only