Get ready for storm season
Prepare now to make sure that stormwater treatment systems are functioning properly to reduce the potential for storm-related flooding

Stop “Poo”llution-Scoop the Poop

The Stormwater Division of the Environmental Services Department consists of 10 people who are responsible for maintenance of more than 4000 acres of drainage basin area. Included in this drainage basin are approximately:

  • 675 Catch Basin and Control Structures
  • 300 Wet and Dry Retention Ponds
  • 35 miles of pipe
  • 18 miles of major canals
  • 130 miles of secondary swales

How is this accomplished and what do these hard working individuals do?

Mowing of canal banks and retention ponds

Reconstruction of canal banks that have eroded

Restoration of swales
Specialized equipment helps maintain the backyard canals

Herbicide spraying to control undesirable plants
Before After

Repair and replacement of pipes and catch basins


Respond to over 300 residential concerns annually

Stormwater permit approval and inspections

Management of EPA’s NPDES program for the City

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