Lost Pet Information

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Hints to keep your pets home safe.

  • Keep your pets indoors. Indoor pets who are part of the family are less likely to get away.
  • Keep your fence in good repair. Make sure your fence is tall enough for the breed & energy level of your pet. During installation have the fence company bury the fence 6 inches deep to prevent pets from digging under.
  • Place locks on your fence gates. This can help prevent pets from theft or pranks.
  • Your pets must wear ID tags. State statutes require rabies tags. Local ordinances require city registration tags. One major benefit of the city tag is that our staff is on seven days a week and can track you if your pet is found.
  • Microchip your pet. Microchips are a great back-up, in case anyone removes your pet’s collar or the collar is lost. They can provide positive ID if ownership ever comes in question.
  • Neuter your pets. Sterilized animals are less likely to have the urge to roam. Sterilized pets are also less likely to be stolen by thieves who want to use them for breeding or fighting.

If your pet gets lost

If you lose a pet, the first thing that you should do is notify us. That way, if someone sees your lost pet and calls us regarding what they believe to be a "stray" we will be able to reunite you right away. Come visit us in person, talk with neighbors, hand out flyers, contact other area shelters (Southeast Volusia in New Smyrna at 386-428-9860 and Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach at 386-274-4704). Most of all, don’t give up. Keep canvassing the neighborhood, place a lost ad in the newspaper, consider offering a small reward, revisit us and the other area shelters.

If your pet is with us

In the event that your lost animal has been admitted to Edgewater Animal Services there are return to owner fees which are payable at the time of pick up.

Return to owner fees are $50.00 for the first day, $15.00 each additional day plus license fee (if applicable). Additional fees are required if treated or medicated.

We ask that you bring your driver’s license and proof of your pets’ rabies vaccines for pet pick up. Animals are held for a three day stray period, then, if they are healthy and friendly, they are placed up for adoption. If you do not claim your animal within the three day stray period that animal legally belongs to Edgewater Animal Services.

City Registration

Each dog and cat within The City of Edgewater shall be registered once each year with a city license tag. If your pet is not current at the time of pick up, you may receive a citation. If this is a first offense, the officer may allow you to purchase the tag at the time of pick up. That is up to the discretion of the officer.

Registration fee schedule:

  • Neutered or spayed animals = $15.00
  • Intact/unaltered animals = $25.00

If you have questions or wish to report a lost animal, please call Edgewater Animal Shelter at (386) 957-3994.

Humane Societies/Shelters
2364 W. LPGA Blvd., Daytona, FL 32120
(386) 274-4703
1200 S. Glencoe Rd., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170
(386) 428-9860
West Volusia Humane Society
800 Humane Society Rd., Deland, FL 32720
(386) 734-2450
232 Bush Blvd., Sanford, FL
(407) 665-5201 or dispatch (407) 665-5110
P.O. Box 1411, Orange City, 32774
(386) 748-8993
605 Mango Tree Drive, Edgewater, FL 32132
(386) 957-3994
1 Shelter Drive, Palm Coast, FL 32137
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