Animal Surrender Procedure

We are here to serve the City of Edgewater. We will not take surrenders from any other city or the unincorporated county areas.

Pet owners surrender their pets to the Edgewater Animal Shelter for many reasons. Landlords may change, owners may move, allergies may develop, or there may be on going behavioral challenges with the animal. We understand these life changes and are here to assist the community.

Before bringing your pet to the shelter, please call and ask for advice on your particular situation. We can refer you to a dog obedience trainer in the area, provide you with some helpful hints or we may be aware of an individual looking for the type of animal you have. In addition we have numerous suggestions and places you may go to help yourself as well as your pet.

We are a “low-kill” shelter; therefore space is an on-going challenge. We ask that you please follow these guidelines:


  1. Call for an appointment. Your pet has a much better chance of being placed successfully with a new family if EAS staff can spend time with you and your pet during the surrender meeting to obtain as much information as possible. An appointment ensures that we have staff time to spend with you. In addition it helps us prepare space for a new animal. Please be prepared to spend approximately 20 minutes with shelter staff when you surrender your pet.
  2. Bring your pet to the shelter yourself. We are only able to accept an animal from its rightful owner. In addition we will need owner information about the animal. You will be asked to fill out an owner surrender form that has personality profile questions only the owner can answer.
  3. Bring Veterinary records. Your pet’s veterinary records will allow us to keep your pets record as complete as possible. It will also allow us to avoid unnecessary vaccinations.
  4. Bring your pet’s food, supplies and toys. Transitioning into a shelter/new home environment can be very traumatic for the animal. If there are special toys or items your pet prefers we will do our best to use it. Food donations are always welcome.
  5. Come during shelter hours and call ahead if you must cancel or change your appointment. Please do not leave your pet outside when the shelter is closed. This can be very dangerous to your pet. In addition do not give your pet to someone in the parking lot; unfortunately people may have other motives for acquiring your pet.
  6. Bring surrender fee and your identification. A fee of $50.00 is required to surrender your animal. In addition, donations of supplies are always welcome. You can call the shelter for supplies suggestions. A Copy of your driver’s license or state identification will be required. The required amount of $50.00 is based on what it cost us to take care of your pet and bring him or her up to date on all shots and to get the animal spayed and or neutered.


  • We will not take surrenders from any other city or county. We are here to serve The City of Edgewater. Other cities and counties have their own options. If someone falsifies documents stating that the animal was from City of Edgewater, the police will be informed and resulting penalties may occur. If an animal is accepted for some reason, there may be an increase in the surrender fee.
  • If an animal is already spayed or neutered, the surrender fee may be reduced. This is to recognize the value of spaying or neutering and due to the decreased financial investment in medical expenses for said animal.
  • We are a low-kill shelter. It is important for pet owners to recognize that low-kill does not mean “Sanctuary”. An aggressive animal that cannot be placed for adoption due to the liability risk for the City of Edgewater and the Animal Shelter. An animal that is a threat to itself, other animals, and people, may have to be euthanized for health and safety reasons. Upon signing the surrender form, you no longer have any claim or right to said animal. When you sign the surrender form, that animal becomes the property of The City of Edgewater and the Edgewater Animal Shelter.
  • EAS is willing to offer a variety of resources for families surrendering their pets. If you feel the surrender is a difficult choice for you, how do you think your pet feels?
  • Please recognize that if you do not call in advance with an appointment for your pet, you may be refused at the door. Surrenders are often fit in throughout the week when capacity is lower.