Adoption Information


 If you're looking for love, you've come to the right place! We have some great dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and sometimes other furry, feathery or slithery creatures that will enrich your life. Don’t be afraid to come see us. We often hear "Oh, I wish I could adopt them all." Well, if each person who said that adopted just one, animal shelters would be empty. So come, do your part!

It is our mission to place our animals in safe, secure, loving and lifelong homes. Our goal is to find the BEST homes for our pets and to make this a wonderful experience for you and your family. Therefore we have stringent policies for adoption.

Florida Statutes require that any dog or cat adopted through an animal shelter be spayed or neutered. All of our animals are also vaccinated, given flea prevention and dewormed. Dogs six months or older have been tested for heartworm. Please understand that our animals usually come from unknown medical backgrounds. Often our animals come to us with ailments such as skin conditions, internal and external parasites etc. With tender loving care we treat what we can and we do our best to make sure that our animals are in very good health when they go to their new homes.

Steps to adopt:
You may preview a sampling of our pets on line (Sometimes new pets aren’t listed yet)

Visit the shelter and fall in love. (Bring the family, bring your other pets, if you wish, to make certain that you make the best match for everyone)

Complete Edgewater Animal Services Adoption Application

Now it is our turn to schedule a home visit with you (Don’t worry, it’s not a "White Glove" inspection, just a chance to see where the pet will be living and an opportunity to discuss pet care without the distraction of all of our adoptable pets barking & meowing at us). If you have pets already, we may waive the home visit, if we are able to get a positive veterinary reference.

We try to have all of our pets spayed or neutered prior to going home. Sometimes, due to the age/weight of the animal it is not possible. The new owner may have to bring their pet back at a future date to have the surgery performed. The surgery is covered in the adoption fee.

Adoption fees vary by pet (additional donations gratefully accepted).

An adoption application/contract will be provided for you, making that animal legally yours. The contract also lists all medications administered to the animal while in our care. A copy of this should be given to your veterinarian. If the adoption does not work out, it is part of the contract that our animals come back to us.

The Edgewater Animal Shelter will microchip any pet for only $48.00, which includes the registration fee. Call for an appointment.